I made a blog for Candy and her puppies, but it "hijacked" my website intro page, so I had to delete it and try to move
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Candy and her Puppies
October-December 2008
Mom and Puppies settled in
October 28
I knew I would be in for a couple of months of hard work when I committed to
take a smallish mamma dog and her 10 puppies into foster! I have fostered
other moms with puppies, but this is the youngest we have taken them in yet:
Just reaching 2 weeks. That was the middle of last week. Mom was brought into
the shelter as a stray, and staff describe her as looking like a goat! The day
after she gave birth to the puppies, and our shelter is fortunately a pretty big
one with a veterinary hospital, so she could get all the support she needed. Still,
the shelter is not the best place for a mom and her newborns, but we had to
wait for her Giardia to clear…!

We had been warned that Momma was very reactive to dogs in the shelter, but
we weren’t worried since we figured it was either when other dogs were close
to her puppies (and we had set up the puppy pen in the garage for that same
reason) or she would be small enough to be easy to manage. Fortunately, it
turned out she loves to be with other dogs - they just need to say away from
her babies!
The first evening and day, she was so excited to be in a home and have new
friends that she didn’t spend much time with the puppies. At first I didn’t want
to interfere and maybe ruin something, but as it became apparent the puppies
weren’t getting the care they needed, I stepped in and made her lie down and
nurse them and clean them up. At this point she had already grown to trust me
completely, so there was no conflict, and she enjoyed the company. After
several “sessions” like this, she got back into the groove.

The puppies have, though, reached a point where her milk production has trouble
keeping up with what they need. I got milk replacer but it’s been a hassle trying
out how to administer it. The usual pet feeder bottles have too narrow a nipple,
and the regular baby bottles don’t seem to let enough milk through when the
puppies suck on it. So I’m back to the old syringe-in-their-mouth system for
now. Fortunately, the puppies seem to have caught up as a result of the
supplemented feeding and bringing mom into the puppy pen regularly, so the they
only need a little bit of help from me, now.

Well, one thing leads to another, so mom’s titties are getting more read and
sore, and she will often lie on the cold garage floor… I am trimming the puppies’
nails and rubbing ointment on Mom’s skin, but I feel for her!

The puppies’ eyes were closed when they came, and it is fun to watch them as
they have been opening the last couple of days. Hearing is probably coming, too,
about now. It’s been tough to learn to tell the puppies apart, and there are
some that we still have trouble with, especially as they are changing color a bit
all the time. But with all the handling I’ve had to do to first put the little ones
on mom before the bigger ones and then to feed them, the puppies have obvoisly
gotten to know me and my smell, and they have started to relate to me and
seek me out for food and naps. They still wobble around and only really “stand”
on all legs to relieve themselves, but each day they become more mobile and
their actions more delibarate.
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