Candy and her Puppies
October-December 2008
The naming game
October 29
Of course Mom needed a name, and later the puppies - not always for the
reasons that first occur to you… Well, Mom needed a name so we can call her
and get her attention. What started out as a joke became reality: We named
her Candy. The joke is that her puppies are named after… yes, you guessed it, I’
m sure! It only took a few hours to teach her to respond to Candy, and I thought
I would have plenty of time to decide on puppy names, but then I had to name
picture files! Naturally, names had already been churning in my head and I had
started a list of names with the help from internet sites - no, not dog name
webpages but candy company websites… Since it was proving difficult to tell
some of the puppies apart, and I needed to know when I had fed which one,
attaching names became helpful. I actually had to make sketches of the puppies
and their coat patterns to help destinguish them, as well as take photos.

So here are the Candy puppies (but taking the liberty of stretching the meaning
a bit to include all sweets/treats).
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Biscotti (Biscuit)
Caramel (Cara)