Candy and her Puppies
October-December 2008
October 30
This morning when I stepped into the puppy pen, I could only
find 9 puppies. After a litte digging around I realized why I
couldn’t see the 10th one:
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It didn’t seem particularly cold in there, but Skittles would
not stop shaking and moaning, so I got out the heating pad
(which I unfortunately bought with auto shut-off by mistake)
and put him and a couple others on it.
And since some of the others looked a little cold, too, I
moved most of them on there.
Some of the puppies have been rattling a bit when breathing,
and I think that was part of their difficulty in getting enough
to eat, as some of them would nurse for a really long time but
not get any fuller looking bellies. I even found that one was
sucking on skin, not a nipple, like maybe she couldn’t smell
where to suck. But that got better and I only had to feed a
bit of replacement milk to a couple of them this morning.
Mom, on the other hand had a dry cough all day yesterday and
wasn’t acting very perky. Today she coughs less but it’s more
of a wet one when she does… probably kennel cough!
Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to affect her care giving; in
fact, she is spending more time with the puppies now that she
doesn’t feel like playing as much.

I am posting late since I’ve spend all morning trying to undo a
mistake that happened when I created this blog: It hijacked
my website intro page. Finally I had to send an e-mail to
Yahoo, and I hope they get back to me soon.

Here are two more cute pictures from this morning.