Candy and her Puppies
October-December 2008
Thursday evening
October 30
It’s amazing how fast they are growing up. This morning, some
were wobbling around; in the afternoon, some were walking! I
noticed one of them staring at a sibling like she was thinking:
“Wow, this seeing thing with the eyes is cool!” The puppies
have even started to interact in new ways since yesterday.
And they are learning to growl - they could have waited a bit
with that as far as I am concerned… With 10 puppies and
obviously some “personalities” among them there is bound to
be conflicts down the road. Ah well, we’ve dealt with that

Biscotti and Skiddle were napping together. Notice how much
bigger she is! And she is always hungry for more. Maybe she
would make a good mascot for a certain TV show.
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Candy stopped coughing and a couple of puppies “took over”,
but it is minor and not interfering with breathing or nursing.
The puppies get exhausted from all this growing up and sleep
a lot again. There is just so much for them to assimilate when
awake, with their new senses working. And their weight
changes are all over the place, in both directions, but they
look quite healthy all in all.
After taking care of her babies all day, Mom was tired, too,
and after I had changed the blankets in the pen and put the
puppies back in, Candy saw a chance for an undisturbed nap:
You can also watch some video I took:
Sorry, this is the end.