Foster Dogs
- 2007 -
2007 was a busy year! I am still having trouble keeping up and getting everyone on here, but enjoy those that I managed.
Sophie is a heeler mix,
probably with some
Labrador retriever and
German shepherd. She is
sweet and stays really
close. She was a year and a
half but could both be very
puppyishly playful and very
quiet and easy.
Roxy is a little beauty. She is a Border collie mixed with some Sheltie. It was pretty lively in the house when she was here as she was a
very playful puppy at 7 months. Though, she was surprisingly mature and relaxed when she wasn't playing. She was smart and attentive but
still working on developing staying power. I got a chance to try her on sheep and she seems to have the potential to be a good novice dog,
and maybe more if she really catches on. She went to a single person pet home where she gets lots of walks.
Meet Shorty - fairly strong-willed
and confident in himself, but timid
when it comes to new places, people
and dogs. He quickly adjusts, though,
and settled into his foster home just
fine. I'll let you guess what the
German shepherd mated with...
Keico - 9 months old, male Border collie/German
shepherd mix. Lovely boy with a gentle heart and
pleasant demeanor. Smart, attentive, and likes to
be with people and to hike, play and train.
Olive - 7 month old,
female German shepherd
with a nice personality
and a sweetness that
melts your heart.
Was adopted in less than
24 hours!
Scout, an athletic border collie
mix, possibly with greyhound.
May, 2007.
Spring and summer of
2007 was busy in terms of
a full shelter and
everybody fostering more
animals than usual.

Here is Cody
I would have loved to
keep him. He was so
sweet and quiet, and
great with our foster
puppy Bella.
Dillon is a German
shepherd mix,
probably with border
collie - shy but with
that protective
Bella was strikingly pretty
and a smart little girl. Lots
of fun, too.  Catahoula
leopard dog/border collie
mix, maybe? She was with us
in the summer.
We had Lucy and
her sister, but
somehow we only
have Lucy's picture.
lot of interest in Mia, but as
a timid dog she needed her
new home chosen carefully.
Here he so wanted
to come over to
me, but he was
afraid of the
water as he had
never experienced
it before. Later he
learned to enjoy it.
Mia is here hiking with
her temporary friend
Bobbie, who is now called
Mia...! Bobbie is a
Hound/Lab mix, and what
a pair they made  ( -:
Is Brodie a handsome fellar or
what? Brought to the shelter due to
lack of understanding of normal
puppy behavior - including that of a
professional trainer's. Brodie is
exceedingly smart and most likely
out of working dogs. He is a smooth
border collie. I kept him longer than
usual to take him through puppy
kindergarten - donated by Siw Lea,
NorthEnd. He continues to be
mischievous and full of energy, and
it will be great fun to see what he
will do on sheep, when his new
owners are able to attend a fun day
and herding instinct test.
I got a chance to test Shorty on
sheep, and he has pretty good
instincts in that regard.
As you might have guessed, Keelin is a very active and agile girl.