Foster Dogs
- 2008 -
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Yu-Yu - adopted

Shar-pei mix, male
Archie - adopted

Setter/Labrador retriever
mix, male
Angus - adopted. Golden retriever mix, male
Sugar - adopted in one day

Smooth Border collie

picture coming, hopefully
Sparkles - adopted. Border collie mix, female.
Rhodesian ridgeback mix, probably with greyhound -
male - 2 year old.
Zimba has a great temperament! He
loves attention and has absolutely no pride – if being a
clown and giving kisses are what it takes to get you to
play or cuddle with him, so be it! Typical sighthound, he
loves to lie on the sofa with you, but he sleeps on the
floor or on a doggie bed at night just fine. He is a
happy and willing worker and very focused when you
train with him - an obedience class would be a blast.
Intelligent and observant, you can se him thinking and
learning - with his intense, yellow eyes, that match his
coat color perfectly, it is almost uncanny! With his long
limbs, athletic built, and medium-high activity level he
needs a chance to really stretch his legs once in a
while. You can easily see his desert running ancestors
in him, and he is well-suited for our hot, dry summers.
He has met horses up close through a fence and
showed calm, friendly interest, and combined with his
Here is what I wrote for the website:

Doberman Pinscher (purebred) - neutered male - 3 years old. After about 3 years of
neglect and probably abuse, Phoenix is finally getting a chance to try to stretch his
wings and rise from the ashes. As far as we know, he lived on a chain with no shelter and
only negative human contact. Once in a while he would be pulled around by the chain so he
could do service as a stud. He and a few other dogs were finally taken away by the
Sheriff's. Phoenix has been in foster care since mid-February. He was terribly afraid of
everybody and is only slowly shedding his old habits and distrust. It is a long, slow
process, but every step is a great victory, and the kindness and hope that shine out of
those soft brown eyes are motivation and reward enough for the patient and dedicated
dog lover. Never has he shown any signs of aggression, even when cornered, and he loves
other dogs and hangs out with the cats. He will still not walk up to anybody or eat from
the hand, but he shows his friendship in other ways and likes to hang out with his foster
Pit bull terrier mix (with Lab and other) - male - just over
a year old.
Ernie is a real snuggle-bug and loves to have an
owner he can dote on. It is hard not to adore him once you
get to know him, and his clownish antics and smiley face will
make you laugh. He has a stubborn streak, but it also shows
up as a stubborn loyalty to his friends and his family that
you have to appreciate. He is very athletic and loves to go
hiking, especially in the mountains. While he stays close he
does not have a very good recall. Ernie graduated from the
IDAPI program fully trained in basic obedience.
This is what I wrote about Ernie on the IHS website
a few weeks ago. He has since impressed me with his
improvements and is basically rehabilitated.
German Shepherd/Border Collie/Labrador retriever mix - female - 1 ½ year old.
Raven is the sweetest girl - social, affectionate, and sensitive. Her herding breed
heritage absolutely shows up in her personality, and she does best with gentle
people. She is not fearful at all but a bit shy and uncertain in new situations, and
doesn’t yet seem to have had the socialization and exposure that will help her
develop more confidence. Exceedingly people-oriented, she prefers to lie by our
feet or otherwise stay near. Chances are she will be a good dog to take hiking and
camping or just along when running errands. She is good on a leash and calmly
greets people, including children. Smart and attentive as she is, she learns fast,
whether it is household routines or obedience. Raven is good with other dogs and
enjoys their company, and doing fine with the cats in our home. She came to the
shelter somewhat malnourished but is already starting to look and feel much
mom at a comfortable distance or sleep next to
her on the bed. He also enjoys walks in fairly
quiet areas where he doesn't have to get close to
other people. Fortunately, he is not afraid of
noise or anything besides people. It is time for
Phoenix to continue his journey in a more
permanent home with someone, preferably a
woman, who can dedicate more time to him. A
home with a friendly and social dog already in
residence would be wonderful as he loves other
dogs to hang out with.

Phoenix has made tremendous progress recently,
which will be described when I have more time!
doption pending)
He was, however, not quite ready to settle into a normal life and exhibited some fearful barking
towards strangers, which was made worse by his deep, rumbling voice and his looks. Had he been
a Yorkie or Chihuahua it would have been laughed at, but alas, he is a medium-large dog with a
terrier's intensity. He never tried to bite anyone, though, and his behavior stemmed from
insecurity. In foster care he has settled down and now lives happily with several dogs and cats.
He used to guard certain resources from other dogs, but those issues have mostly been solved
or are easy to manage: He can get treats with the other dogs but is fed by himself, and he
shares toys and old bones with the others but gets new rawhide chews in a crate. He may try to
guard a person he considers important to him but will stop when shown clearly that such behavior
is not needed or wanted. It is important that his new owner is self-confident and calm and does
not trigger his urge to be protective - he needs to feel that it is rather the owner that protects
Ernie. Proper introductions make all the difference, and when done right, he will jump straight
into a stranger's lap and beg for attention. His new level of maturity is also helping to make him
more balanced and open to new situations. His adopter needs to realize that some old behaviors
may resurface somewhat in stressful situations and be willing to use prevention and management
Zimba adores kids that are the age to hug him and pet him. He will stand
absolutely still and just bask in the attention – except when he gently gives them
little kisses or moves his head so they can better reach a good spot to scratch! He
loves other dogs – gets a little excited when he sees them and tries to go and
play, but knows how to be appropriate when they meet. He really enjoys being part
of a pack in our home. He has been okay with our cats.