Now they are big, fat babies!
Dora is the most affectionate and
cuddly of the 3, but she also has a
feisty, playful side to her.
Yes, it is cheesy but Dora
got her name from being
so a
First they had to wait 10 days to
make sure they didn't develop Parvo.
After I experimented with feeding
and developed a system that helped
the puppies eat more, and the vet ran
tests that showed they had internal
bacteria and got put on medication
for that they really started to put on
weight, and the change in Dora in
particular has been amazing. Dora and
Pretzel also came down with kennel
cough which they also got treated for
- not wonder little Dora was weak
and didn't thrive properly in the
Here are the puppies when they
first arrived from their 2 day
transport from an over-
crowded New Mexico shelter.
Dora was tiny, Elsa had an
unhealthy potbelly, and Albert
was a little bony.
The photos are NOT in
chronological order.
The only reason there
are so many photos of
sleeping puppies is
that it is the time
when they are easiest
to get pictures of
that are not too blurry!
These puppies are some of the easiest going we have had and have chewed up
the fewest things. Albert is particularly laid-back and lets nothing worry him -
maybe except Elsa growling at him over the food bowl. When you pick him up he
just hangs in your arms. They all love to meet new people and get lots of love.
Elsa has always been the most
head-strong and opinionated of
the group. Albert usually just
yields to her though he can stand
up for himself when it counts. In
the beginning, Dora was too small
and weak to assert herself but
now that she is stronger she holds
her own quite well.
The one that is most likely to
want to join you outside is Elsa.
She enjoys exploring the
backyard and will like to go for
walks when she gets older. Albert
is more comfort oriented and not
quite as happy about the cold.
Dora is in between now that she
is healthier and can stay warm
when outside.
Elsa is probably a
bit more playful
than the other two
but they all play
plenty with each
other throughout
the day and with
the adults when
they can persuade
them to join.
Foster Dogs - 2013
Papillion/Chihuahua mix -
female - almost 2 years.
Our funny, feisty, charming, busy,
playful, opinionated little girl.
Mystery mix, maybe with some German shepherd, maybe some
Labrador retriever, possibly a little hound thrown in
Albert weighs about 18 lbs right now
and Elsa probably about the same so I
estimate they will be 40-45 lbs when
grown. Dora will be lighter, maybe as
much as 10 lbs less.
Border collie mix - female - almost a year old.

She is smaller than a regular Border collie.
Underneath her clownish, lively, mischievous
exterior resides a heart of gold. These two
sides of her match perfectly to form an
affectionate, responsive, intelligent package.
Elsa on 2-8-13
Pretzel loves the snow. She rolls in it when the
conditions are right and has fun skating on it when it
gets icy. What a perfect dog to go snow shoeing with.
Owen and Elsa
She has taken on the role of auntie for the puppies
and is alway super gentle with them, also when she
plays with them. They love to curl up with her.
Owen is a happy, charming, and super friendly dog we are
fostering for
National Brittany Rescue. He is pretty smart
and could be trained for agility, rally, and/or obedience. He
is very active and needs some vigorous exercise every day
but he has a good off button when it is bed time. He is
exceedingly playful and still has a lot of puppy in him.
Owen will make a great hiking or mountain bike partner as
he has the Brittany's love of running and exploring and the
Border collie's focus on his people. His economical stride
would probably also make him faster (low over jumps, tight
turns) at agility than he looks.

Owen also has an affectionate side and loves to lie in your
lap (yes, he will try his best to fit!) or beside you in bed or
on the couch. When we are on the computer he prefers to
lie at our feet under the desk, preferably with his head on
one of our feet.

Owen is good with dogs except when he gets overexcited
and plays too rough but the other dogs in his foster home
are teaching him better self-control. He does fine with the
Owen and Elsa
collie mix - male 10
months old
Owen is housetrained and usually
settles down well in a crate. He rides
comfortably in the car in a crate as well,

Due to his puppy behaviors he is not
suited for little kids.

Owen has epilepsy and the first
seizures appear to have done some
damage to his brain and he had some
cognitive problems for a while, but he is
fortunately young and his brain has been
able to repair itself, so he is almost
back to how he was when he first
arrived, only a little more mature. He is
on medication which is keeping him
seizure free at this time. The drugs
are pretty cheap, and he is the easiest
dog to give pills I have ever met.
Chihuahua mix - male -
5 years old.
3.2 lbs.
My favorite thing about Owen is how he loves everyone
and wants to spend time with us whether snuggling or
going for a walk.
The things that are the worst about Owen are his heal
grabbing (from the Border collie side of his family),
which has gotten much better; his pestering of our old
dog to get him to play; and his tendency to jump up in
your lap as if he was a little dog.
In spite of being easily bored and pestering
the dogs and us for entertainment he does
very well going to and waiting in a certain
spot while food bowls are handed out - not
an easy feat for a young bird dog mix!
Owen has a naiveté that is
touching and makes it easy to
forget his transgressions.
He just can't imagine any
person or dog wanting to be
mean to him!