Foster Dogs
- Back in Idaho -
Here are some of the adult dogs and older puppies we foster or have fostered in the last few years,
after we returned from Georgia.
January-February, 2005.
February-March, 2005
Kobi was a cute and smart multi-mix puppy.
Early Winter, 2005
Geoffrey (Geoff) is a border collie/great Pyreneese mix,
1.5-2 years old.I had him in foster while he was medicated
and recovered from a severely infected neuter site and
then a bad cold. He was trained in the IDAPI (prison)
program and graduated at the end of July, 2006. A couple
of people had applied for him and one of the came and
adopted him right away. Her other dog didn't take to
Geoff well, though, and the other applicant was thrilled to
adopt him instead.
Indy is one of my very
favorite fosters. Luckily
he now lives with a nice
family just a few
streets away and we
dog-sit him sometimes.
He is a border collie
with a docked tail.
In foster Winter, 2005
Onyx was with us in early summer of 2006. She is a black border collie mix so she got by-passed in the kennels at the shelter and I took
her in when her time was up. She is an energetic but fun dog and really smart and though I have to "keep her in training" she catches on
quickly and is often easier to handle than some of my own young, rambunctious dogs. As you can see, she loves to play in the water! She was
adopted by an active family in Oregon.
they patched up the leg and waited for it to heal. One of the
clinic people fostered her during that time but Zoey was too
much of a handful, so when she had the cast taken off she was
very wild. The verdict was that either she goes into foster care
with someone who could work with her or she would be put down.
The first day I almost brought her back. She was whining and
trowing herself around in the crate while my husband was trying
to sleep (he works graveyard shift). But I quickly found out that
Zoey is one smart cookie and both attentive and happy to learn.
She really grew on me. She continued to be very lively and playful
but not out of control.
Strangely enough, a similarly looking puppy came to the shelter a
few weeks later and we think it may have been her brother. And
he is really a handful since he is quite dominant and intense. Zoey
is now on a hobby farm.
For several months I had a 5 year old dog in foster named Greta that is border collie + possibly a little bit of sheltie.
Her story is kind of sad. She was a puppy mill bitch from she could bear a litter till she was about 2 years old. During that time she
basically lived in a crate. After that she lived with a person for 3 years that was kind but probably very depressed and it didn't exactly
help. Greta was afraid of the big scary world outside and spent most of her time in a crate (that was open) in the bedroom or close to
where I was sitting. She did not want to go outside to potty and often had accidents inside on the floor instead. I tried litter box
training her but wasn't successful. During her crating years she seemingly learned to drink hardly any water so she wouldn't have to go in
the crate, and that habit caused her some physical problems like stiff joints and possibly a physical sensitivity that increased her
mobility and was able to jump into my van by herself. I don't know if her internal organs have been permanently damaged but the body can
be surprisingly resilient.
Hiking was one of the most therapeutic things we could do with her (something I have noticed in numerous fearful dogs) and she would
look almost "normal".
Working on her severe anxiety issues was a wonderful challenge and learning experience and brought me to the shy-k9s yahoogroup which
has taught me a lot. Greta is now in a great home with people that know how to continue her treatment.                                                         
She is now called Panda.
E-mail: stine_theede@yahoo.com
A handsome, young tri-merle that we
only had a short time before he got a
new home.

I think his name was Skip.
January 2005.