Here are some of the dogs we fostered before we moved to Georgia for a few years.
Lucy was a handsome,
very athletic, and
extremely intense
border collie. She had
not been raised properly
and lacked in inhibition.
She had a lot of talent
and potential, though,
and was loving and
attentive. We found her
an active and
This little border collie mix puppy never
got a name — he responded to “puppy”
while we had him. We had him for 2 weeks,
from he was 6 to 8 weeks old. The shelter
doesn’t adopt out dogs younger than 8
weeks and he had no litter mates so I got
to take him home. That meant house
training, getting up at night, teaching him
not to bite my shoes and all the other fun
things that go with raising a puppy. He was
a cutie, though and smart, too, and he was
worth all the time and effort! He
recognized 4-5 commands before he left.
I took him to the shelter when he was old
enough and he got adopted that weekend.
He still has a special place in my heart.
Red was my last foster in Idaho, before our
short stay in Georgia. He was a 2½ year old
dark red border collie with a bit of
Australian shepherd (maybe). The depth of
his color doesn't show up well in photos but
he was a beautiful and very athletic dog. He
had a great temperament, neither timid nor
tough but soft, responsive and yet
self-assured. He showed no aggression and
got along with just about any dog. His only
true fault was that he was an avid cat
chaser. He was adopted by a wonderful
retired lady who has lots of space in the
woods for him to play in and she is active in
agility. Last I heard from him he was also
being trained by a friend of hers to herd
cattle, and he was apparently naturally
talented and loved the work. The friend
completely fell in love with Red and he may
now be living with her permanently.
Jack was my foster part of the same time I also had Red. He was a
very active border collie/greyhound mix puppy (about a year old) that
had never learned manners or self control. He was also very athletic
and could jump higher than any other dog I have met. He loved to jump
after water drops, snow flakes, leaves... anything he could find. And he
loved the tennis ball, but he wouldn't fetch it and you had to wait till
he finally let it drop. When I first took him in he improved greatly,
but as time went by and he grew more confident with us and himself
he became again overactive, out of control, and so stressed that it
made him physically sick. I finally reached the conclusion that if
couldn't put up with him, it wasn't likely I would find him a home that
could. So with heavy steps and tears in my eyes I took him back to the
shelter and had him put to sleep.
Foster Dogs - Before Georgia
Unfortunately, she got worse rather than better at social interaction and
stress control and had to be put down when she became unsafe around kids and
other dogs. The important thing is that she had a second chance.