This cute puppy is Glenn, and
he is one of 3 boys out of
Adoption pending.
Moms and Puppies in Foster
Spot is from the mountainous
area between Idaho City and
Horseshoe Bend. She is about
two years old and, and her
mother - Pepper - is a purebred
Australian shepherd. Spot looks
like she may have som Lab,
heeler and maybe Rottweiler in
her. Spot had 3 puppies that
look like her in coloration, while
her mother, pepper, had a
litter a couple of weeks after
her. The owner placed some of
those puppies and brought the
two remaining ones with him
when he tried to find homes for
Spot and the puppies in Boise.
Spot and her mother
co-parented both litters,
so even though Stanley is
not hers, he and her sister
still find comfort with her.
Murphy "Smudge" Spotson - watch
out, here he comes!
Bruneau (we actually pronounce it like
"Bruno") is the most easy-going of the
bunch. The best one to  cuddle with.
This is the most quiet set of
puppies I have ever fostered.
At first I thought something
was wrong... but they have
grown a little more bold and
demanding since.
They were 5 and 7 weeks old
when they got here.
Melba is the spitfire of the group
with courage and curiosity to match. A
real charmer, and quite easy to
handle. She is also the only female.
.Adoption pending.
Stanley was the baby when they came and
stayed close to Spot the comfort - it was
obvious that he was taken too early from his
mom and familiar environment. Fortunately, he
still had his sister, foster brothers, and his
aunt/bigger half sister who helped him grow
up to be a confident puppy. He is no longer
needy and likes to go on adventure.