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You and your dog
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My name is Stine Theede. I am a dog trainer and behavior consultant.

These are some of the things I can help you and your dog with:

 Basic obedience and manners
 Puppy behaviors
 Reactivity and aggression towards people/dogs
 Juvenile delinquency
 Hyper-activity and destructiveness
 Social skills for dog-dog and dog-people interactions
 Boredom and enrichment
 Preparing for the new dog/puppy
 Choosing the right breed/dog

It is great to teach your dog basic obedience, but there is a lot more to training a dog if you wish to make it a well behaved pet and a delightful companion. Manners are not the same as
obedience, and important life skills are not taught through sits and downs. My focus is on
teaching such everyday skills as staying calmly home alone, be polite when food is served, respect
other members of the family, walk nicely on a leash, and follow social etiquette when meeting
other people and dogs.

To live successfully with your dog, your relationship and leadership need to be in order. Good
leadership does not mean you have to change your personality or act against your nature. It also
does not mean you have to be tough. There are different ways to be a leader and stay in charge,
and by learning the basic rules of good leadership and how to properly relate to your dog, you
can find a style that fits you, your family, and your dog.

Many dogs suffer from some kinds of behavior problems. The causes can be many and stem from a
mix of genetics and environment. By analyzing the problem behaviors, a plan can be developed
for how to teach the dog to behave in more appropriate ways. My extensive experience working
with such problems means I can give you the tools to get a grip on your dog's issues.

Special qualifications

Through my more than 30 years of professional training and my practical experience rehabilitating
foster dogs, I have considerable working knowledge of such problem behaviors as shyness,
fearfulness, sensitivity to new things and people, aggressive behaviors, food and object guarding,
out-of-control rambunctiousness, acting-up when seeing other dogs, and the difficult age of
adolescence, whether it be at around 6 months or 2-3 years of age. I know what it is really like!
I also offer services
for groomers,
doggie daycares,
dog friendly
businesses, and
other professionals

If you have a dog related
business, I also give on-site
mini-seminars on various
topics as well as advice on
such subjects as canine
body language, handling
skills, working with fearful
dogs, trouble shooting,
and stress management.