Private Lessons
Behavior modification work always starts with a package that includes 3 sessions. The first
session is an evaluation, the development of a plan, and teaching the first exercises. This
session takes from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours. The second session is a follow up of practiced exercises,
evaluation of the first behavior changes, and teaching of more exercises. It generally lasts 1 1/2
to 2 hours. The third session rounds up and teaches how to continue from there as well as
evaluates if more sessions are needed. It takes 1 to 1 1/2 hour. Some dogs and owners are fine
to continue the work on their own after this, depending on the issues and severity, while
others are recommended to continue with individual sessions.

The behavioral modification starting package is $250 ($230).

Individual behavioral modification follow-up sessions are $55
A package of 5 behavior modification lessons is $250
Primarily, I offer private sessions. These may take place at your house or at some other
pre-arranged place that is relevant to the problems or behaviors you need to get a grip on.

Phone and e-mail consultations to determine what
kind of lessons would be appropriate are
Basic training in manners and obedience is relevant for all ages. A session is one hour.

Individual basic training lessons are $50 ($45)
A package of 5 lessons is $225 ($205)
send e-mail
(208) 860-5919
Contact me at:
Get a Grip
Companion dog training
All clients will be asked to
sign a Contract and a
Liability & Release form. You
can access them from the
Forms page.

You are welcome to print
them and start filling them
out ahead of our first

Behavioral clients will be
asked to fill out a more

It is preferable that I have
the finished questionnaire
before we meet and it can
be mailed, e-mailed as a
document, or sent as photos.
Pre-adoption/pre-purchase consultations.
Want to get advice before deciding what dog to get and/or bringing
it home so you can avoid foreseeable problems? Consultations are a
minimum of an hour but as long as needed.

A consultation is $25 pr. hour.
Recent adopters (3 months), retirees, and people on disability get a discount.

Payment is expected at the first session. Check, cash, PayPal and Chase QuickPay are accepted.
Train-and-Maintain is for those that don't have the time or the inclination to do all the
training of their dog themselves.
I train your dog and you maintain the new skills by
occasionally using and practising them. You will still need to be involved a bit in the training
process by participating in a lesson here and there so I can teach you how to get your dog to
do the new skills.

You are welcome to call and hear whether the behaviors your want your dog to learn are
appropriate for T-M training. Basic obedience is the typical kind, but other training may be
relevant, too.

Train-and-Maintainand sessions are more intense than lessons that involve the owner and
therefore include mental breaks for the dog, They last an hour.

Train-and-Maintain sessions are $45 ($40).
A package of 10 sessions is $410