I offer dog walking and visiting during the day. I can take
your dog for a walk, play with it in the yard, provide
enrichment, or just snuggle.
Due to my training and
experience I am qualified to handle the more challenging
dogs and would be happy to help.
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(208) 860-5919
Contact me at:
Get a Grip
Companion dog training
Dog Walking & Enrichment
Some people take their dog to a doggie daycare and some to
dog park to provide them with important mental activity but
not all
dogs benefit from this and may even become very stressed.
Lots of dogs get more out of other activities that work their
minds and bodies. Such activities are referred to as
Enrichment. It has always been a major interest of mine and
is one of my specialties. Not only is it healthy and part of
providing quality of life, it is also a big part of behavior work
and an important tool in the tool box of such specialists as
veterinarian behaviorists.

1 hour visit: $20
Each extra dog: Free

1 hour
walk: $20
Each extra dog: $5
You can access the Contract
and the Liability & Release
form from the
Forms page.

All owners using one of these
services are also responsible
for providing a form
authorizing Get a Grip to act
in case of a medical
emergency. That form is also
on the Forms page.