Private Lessons
When working with behavior issues, you first do a starter package of 3 sessions that
preferably will be scheduled over a period of 2-4 weeks and be roughly 4-4½ hours combined.
The first session is 1½-2½ hours. After that, individual sessions are decided on according to
need and progress.

The Behavioral Starter Package is $220 and consists of 3 elements:

  1. Evaluating the dog and the behaviors that are causing concern.
  2. Introducing you to the techniques relevant for his/her particular problems.
  3. Showing and assigning the first exercises.

Subsequent behavior modification sessions are $50 pr. hour.
Primarily, I offer private sessions. These may take place at your house or at some other
pre-arranged place that is relevant to the problems or behaviors you need to get a grip on.

Phone and e-mail consultations to determine what
kind of lessons would be appropriate are

Recent adopters (6 months), retirees,
and people with disabllity get a 15% discount.
Basic training in manners and obedience can be arranged from lesson to lesson and is
$45 pr. hour.

A package of 5 lessons is $200
send e-mail
(208) 860-5919
Contact me at:
Get a Grip
Companion dog training

All clients will be asked to
sign a

To better help you, I ask
to fill out an
information form as well.

You can print and fill them
out ahead of time, and
either bring them to the first
lesson or mail them in time
to reach me before we meet.
The information form can
also be e-mailed.

Behavioral clients will in
addition have to fill out a
more detailed

Let me know if you can't
print the forms and I need to
mail you the paperwork
Pre-adoption/pre-purchase consultations are $25 pr. hour.