For Professionals

Mini-seminars are primarily aimed at vet clinics, kennels, groomers, police officers, and
others that like to provide their staff with continued education, but they may also be
enjoyed by people with a general interest in dogs.

The seminars are tailored to the individual customer's needs, time frame and location and
a price will be negotiated accordingly.

These seminars can contain practical topics like:
Canine body language and warning signals.
Handling nervous/fearful dogs.
Slowing down the power player (especially for doggie daycares and kennels).
Controlling the control freak (especially for herding breeds).
The development of puppies and how to raise them properly.
Managing stress in dogs.

More general interest topics can be:
Dogs are not wolves.
Natural social behavior in dogs.
Behavioral health vs. physical health in dogs (esp. for shelters, kennels and
Get a Grip
Companion dog training
Consulting and
Sometimes, problems are
easier solved by on the
spot coaching or issue
specific consulting.
Coaching is also a great
way to bridge theoretical
knowledge with what
actually goes on when
handling dogs. This is
particularly useful for
directly, like vet staff.
Fellow dog trainers

Working with other trainers
is a great way to network
love to broaden my horizon.
Maybe you would simply
like to team up with
someone else to work on a
specific problem or issue, or
maybe you feel our skills
complement each other.
Could it be that you have a
project or event you would
like to partner up for?
Contact me with your idea
and let's see where it takes
send e-mail
(208) 860-5919
Contact me at: